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We are Dedicated to Teaching Individuals to Swim Confidently and Safely in the
Tampa Bay and Surrounding Areas! 



Have a 3 month old baby that you are eager to teach to swim? No problem! We start to teach the young ones starting at 3 months! For more information email us and we will be happy to provide awesome, detailed information!

Learn to Swim


We provide classes to those as young as 8 weeks old to those that are seniors. Our age groups come in all sorts of varieties! Learn to swim as far as your breath allows you in just 2 weeks!

Swim Deals


We are always offering new Swim Deals every month! Take advantage and type in the code: 2023 for a 15% off discount on your first lesson!

Swim Sessions

*Get you or your child swimming within two weeks as far as your breath allows you!

10% Off A Lesson When You Refer Us To A Friend!
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